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    Welcome to “The MarTech Hack”, the monthly series from Inetasia and Campaign Sherpa. Each session includes a demonstration of a specific Use Case, along with a question and answer session and live support.

    Each MarTech Hack will be conducted in English, and questions can be answered in Thai, Cantonese or Mandarin.

    The Martech Hack is open to Inetasia and Campaign Sherpa clients only.

    If you would like detailed answers or a specific walkthrough during the session, submit your questions here.

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    September 7, 2022 – The MarTech Hack – Automated Event Tagging with Convizit

    Convizit’s AI automatically captures, property-enriches and structures every user event. This data can be sent to your analytics, marketing, or data warehouse platform, without the need for manual tagging which can be time consuming and error prone. Also very exciting is the fact that Convizit automatically adapts to website modifications, making sure you have tracking continuity over time with zero data loss.

    Users of Google Tag Manager and Google Universal Analytics will need to update or replace their tags by this time next year, and all users will need to create new Google Analytics properties to store their data. Individual events will require exhaustive manual tagging, which will cost time, resources, and could potentially result in data loss if not done properly.

    Our partner Steven Glanz with Convizit introduces and demonstrates this exciting platform on our latest MarTech Hack.

    May 3, 2022 – The MarTech Hack – Solving all of your Marketing Technology challenges

    The MarTech Hack was born as a result of our search at Inetasia to find a better way to demonstrate Use Cases and provide more value for our clients. In this session, we discuss some of the initial technology and configuration, as well as walk through an onboarding journey for customers of the Hong Kong Junior Tigers.

    The technology included in this session is our customer data platform Tealium, behavioral analytics solution Amplitude, and our customer engagement platform, OneSignal.

    We sat down with the Junior Tigers staff and discussed some of their initiatives for next season – including goals, KPIs, and looked at the channels, programs for offer, and how we could segment their customers for a more personalized approach to improve customer experience and engagement.

    Apr 8, 2021 – The Digital Transformation of the Hong Kong Junior Tigers

    Organised by Inetasia and partners AB Tasty, Amplitude, and Tealium, the Best-of-Breed Marketing Technology Stack: Digital Transformation of the Hong Kong Junior Tigers sports business webinar helps businesses close the gap on use case execution through the demonstration of successful end-to-end launch.

    Partners AB Tasty, Amplitude, Tealium and Inetasia proprietary technology Campaign Sherpa introduce and detail the benefits of their respective solutions, and how they play their part in achieving the overall goal of lead generation, data orchestration, conversion rate optimization, on-site