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Campaign Sherpa’s New Global, Multi-Lingual SEO Solution

We’re excited to introduce advanced SEO crawler functionality that provides our global, multi-lingual client base with new unmatched benefits.

SEO Pixel Crawl Release

At Campaign Sherpa, we are extremely fortunate to work with incredible organizations and marketing professionals from around the world. In working with organizations with global footprints, one of the client challenges that is routinely raised centers around multi-lingual SEO and best practices.

For marketers, navigating through a multi-lingual SEO landscape can seem daunting – especially with for clients with websites spanning multiple countries.

In response to the common challenge, our Team is pleased to announce our SEO Pixel Crawl release. By emulating Google’s algorithm and logic for displaying Search Results, the Campaign Sherpa SEO Crawler and SEO Reports now calculates SEO Page Titles and Meta Descriptions by Pixel Length, rather than Character Count.

A Truly Global SEO Solution

With the SEO Pixel Crawl Release, all Campaign Sherpa SEO Reports and optimized Pixel Length recommendations are language-agnostic, and our best practice recommendations for SEO meta tags are applicable to every website, in every language, worldwide.

Our clients utilizing the auditing and reporting platform globally are able to follow a standardized set of best practices to ensure their Meta Data is fully optimized for Search Engines, and full snippets are being shown to users in Search Results without being truncated.

The Campaign Sherpa solution is fully scalable to match the needs of all organizations, and the Global SEO best practices and recommendations provide value for businesses of any size or website language.

To learn more about our product offerings or benefits, reach out to a member of our team.