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Google Shopping Looking to Shake Up E-Commerce Landscape In 2021

A series of noteworthy updates are aimed at attracting more retailers to sell their products on Google, while helping small businesses participate in E-commerce.

‘Buy on Google’ Announces No More E-Commerce Commission Fees for Sellers

Following a recent update that made Google Shopping listings available for free, which provided a substantial benefit to small businesses – the tech giant made another splash announcement at the tail end of July. The announcement, signaling a larger E-commerce push from Google, applies to businesses using the ‘Buy on Google’ checkout process.

According to President of Commerce, Bill Ready, in a Google Blog post, “Soon, sellers who participate in our Buy on Google checkout experience will no longer have to pay us a commission fee. And, we’re giving retailers more choice by opening our platform to third-party providers – starting with PayPal and Shopify.”

PayPal & Shopify Integrations & What it means for sellers

In an effort to allow more merchants to sell their products on their platform – Google has also announced integrations with major payment and inventory providers, beginning with PayPal and Shopify. The connectivity with pre-existing platforms streamlines the on-boarding process for new merchants, who can continue using the familiar technology being used in their business.

The recent announcements are seemingly targeting merchants currently selling on Amazon, with the lack of commission fees providing an incentive for sellers to list their inventory with Google Shopping.

International sellers can anticipate the launch as early as Q4 2020, and into 2021 – as the updates will first be rolled out in the United States only.