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Campaign Sherpa is the pinnacle of many years work by a team of experts who have delivered complex data analytics solutions using Webtrends, Tealium and Oracle Infinity for numerous global clients. This means that we really understand how to deliver actionable insights for campaigns and websites.

Website and SEO Audits

This is the first step to really understanding what is going on. The audits we perform are based on effective tag management so you can see straightaway if there are any issues that need your urgent attention. Behind the Campaign Sherpa audit reports is a wealth of data that can be drilled into, but do not fear we have a team of experts who can guide and support you on your journey of discovery. All reports are produced from a search engine perspective

Big Data Analytics

We have a proven history of providing big data solutions and analytics services for large organizations. Having a unified platform for digital measurement and an open architecture that delivers digital intelligence to your marketing ecosystem is critical. Campaign Sherpa is just the start of your discovery journey.

On site Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an effective strategy for increasing traffic to your website. We can work to ensure that your content is easily indexed by the major Search Engines using a variety of tested and safe techniques.

  • Market and competitor analysis for organizations ranked on the top 2 pages of the major Search Engines.
  • An internet strategy is created using the most appropriate key phrases to increase traffic and boost conversion rates.
  • Improve Search Engine rankings for high value key phrases using extensive website design and architecture changes so content is indexed quickly and efficiently.
  • Off-site Optimization

    External factors influence organic Website traffic and online visibility. These off-site components are crucial to the success of a Search Engine Optimization strategy.

  • Major Search Engines seek back links to relevant content from respected sources. We can tailor strategies to effectively build respected relationships while driving Website traffic using our data-driven approach.
  • The score of your Website will increase following a successful relationship building strategy. This increases Search Engine rankings and quality organic Website visitor traffic.
  • Content Syndication, Social Media Marketing, Paid Directories and Link Building are some of the tools that we can implement into an Off Site Optimization strategy to generate quality Website visitor traffic.